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Monday, May 20, 2013



Loving this Carol. Now I will have something really stunning to look at when I fall down. You are so clever.

lynn b

Carol, you are inspiring me to do something with my ugly stairs too. Although the LL says he is ripping them out and redoing on the other side, I don't think he is in the same time zone I am!! ;-) I have nice walls all the way down so could paint something nice --- it is sort of a vanilla cream color now (same color that I slapped on the ugly storage/studio room walls. The stairs are what I want to do... thinking of using my leftover Stain and Seal to just make them look like the dark walnut upstairs floors with the risers painted in a bright teal blue. I did change my 40w bulbs for 200w and that made a HUGE difference in the dark and dungeony feel.... love your stairs.... I hung some of Megan's college art projects on the walls to liven them up....


I great improvement, good job!!!!

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