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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Elsa Louise

When I was very young and attending nursery school (ah, how that does date me...), I remember quite vividly when the decorative artist came to paint figures on our windows. It was a woman, and she came at various times throughout the year and sometimes even returned and redid the images.

If you could, I would encourage you to be there painting (even if you can’t do so every time) when the little ones are in attendance. You never know the sort of impression you may leave, and their little minds are so very impressionable, aren’t they?

It’s been more than forty years for me, yet I still can see the painter up on her ladder with her stencils taped to the window, mixing her colors and applying them. And then, voila! off would come the stencils, leaving the images for us kids to see and appreciate.


What a fond memory, Elsa! Unfortunately, in our very litigious world these days, all painting is done after hours. It's not worth the risk on my part or the daycare center if something should happen.

Vin Nylund

Wow! The windows look amazing. I'm sure that the kids form the day care center loved it. A child care center with lots of colors and drawings helps foster a child's imagination and creativity. Great job!

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