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Monday, December 27, 2010


Melanie Royals

Carol, you did an amazing job with this. I loved the black and white ones we did in Marrakech, but I think that the choice of bright yellow is GENIUS! Thanks for making my day :)

Lesley Anne Kinney

Gorgeous stairs! Love the patterns and the colour.


Carol, beautiful and stunning, that is a project that I started to work on in my house, but that got pushed in September, thanks for reminding me that I should complete it. Great choice of color.

Dana Tucker

Beautiful work! I want to do this in my house too.


OMG I just came across this on FB..I cant stop looking at these stairs!!!


The stairs ARE beautiful, Sis! Congratulations on the great result.


Hi, beautiful stairs! I love this idea...can you tell me what BM paint colors were used? I love the yellow.


Thank you so much for everyone's compliments. I am still doing a little work in the house and have to say, I just love walking through the door and seeing these happy stairs!

Rebecca: I used Ben Moore's 2021-20 Lemon in the Aura line for the yellow. I did find I needed three thin coats to get a good coverage. Part of this was due to the fact that the stairs are old and the risers were a very uneven surface to stencil.

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Gorgeous! I absolutely love them... I have total stair envy!! ;)

Shanann Schmal

During the blizzards of last year I decided to tear the carpeting off the stairs. They have been plain wood for over a year while I searched for inspiration. I am happy to say that I finally found it and I can't wait to try this on my stairs! I am curious - did you have to cut the stencil to fit the risers? I saw that they are 8x12 so I was wondering how you got them to fit on your riser. Thanks for the advice and the inspiration!! :)


Yes, I did have to cut the stencils down to fit. It makes it so much easier. It always kills me to cut a stencil, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ;-) Good luck with your project!


Just wanted to let you know that I love all of these and that I had included the grey stairs in my stencil-project roundup :)
~Katie :)

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